flash print sale [EXTENDED through 5/4]

select high-quality, archival-grade giclee prints are avaliable until 10pm CDT friday, 5/4/2018 for a special discounted rate! all of these prints feature my handcut paper collages. this deal applies to anything in this facebook album.

SUPER QUICK FLASH DEAL ON SELECT PRINTS — prints in this album only are avaliable until 10pm CST sunday, 4/29/2018 for…

Posted by Allison Anne Design + Create on Saturday, April 28, 2018

5×7: $10 (a savings of $5
8×10: $12 (a savings of $8)

two sizes are available — your choice!

usa shipping: $4 flat – even if you order multiple prints!

international? pm me for a shipping quote.

if you’re local to minneapolis/st. paul, we can arrange a pickup.

paypal preferred – please email me at allisonannedesign [at] gmail [dot] com or send a facebook message to order!

prints will be signed (which is not reflected in these small preview shots). delivery estimate for your prints: 2-3 weeks after ordering.

many thanks!

outgoing: mini collage box

outgoing mixed media mailart from last week — repurposed product packaging, paper collage, washi tape, packing tape, ink, glue, postage stamps. the box has a clear panel in the front and is filled with collage material + a letter to a mailart pal.

one of the difficult things about showing mail art online is that it’s often super sensory and that gets kinda lost in a still image. here’s a short video to give you an idea of what this one is like in person – i find that clacking noise very satisfying!

i’m not actually sure if my recent postal experiments are making it to their destinations. when i lived in north carolina, i found the local postal workers very tolerant of my non-machinable mailart, but i’ve had more problems with it since moving back to minnesota. kind of interesting – there does seem to be some regional difference!

outgoing: crunky [mixed media envelope]

outgoing handmade envelope for a friend, mailed 04.24.2018

mixed media [candy packaging, map, magazine page, washi tape, sticker, stamps]

this envelope was mostly made from stuff i collected on my recent seattle trip — i always try to find different things that i can take with me + use in future projects.

for this piece, i used a free tourist map that i picked up at uwajimaya, a japanese market i last visited around 1999, and part of a paperboard candy box from some chocolate i brought home for my partner. one of the many things i love about mailart is that recycling and reusing is encouraged — it’s a neat way to give new life to things that might otherwise be discarded. [this is sometimes called ‘trashpo’ or ‘trash poetry’!]

the golden hour

some quick photos taken with my iphone earlier this month — playing in the golden hour! i have a moderately-sized collection of vintage + contemporary dolls — i keep them in my studio, and they make me smile. this one is a takara blythe [cherry berry, from 2003]. photographing them used to be a big outlet for me, but it’s not something i explore as much these days. a doll’s-eye view of the world is a little surreal + enchanting, though!

we’ve had quite a long winter in minnesota this year — when i took these photos earlier in april, there was still a lot of snow cover + things were looking pretty glum overall, but not when that beautiful golden light at the end of the day illuminated things…!

pocket diary #004

small magazine collages in my pocket diary [A6 leuchtturm1917 notebook]

a quick study using only scraps / cuttings that were left behind on my work table from other collages

pocket diary #002 / #003

small magazine collages in my pocket diary [A6 leuchtturm1917 notebook] while visiting seattle, washington this past week – i had a really lovely visit, and i may share some photos &etc. later. i did quite a bit of personal writing / journaling while there in addition to these two collages.

i usually carry collage supplies with me wherever i go, and TSA has never given me trouble about my tiny embroidery scissors that i generally collage with, as their rules state that scissors can be carried on a plane as long as they’re less than 4 inches from the pivot point. a couple of years ago, i was collaging on a flight to portland, and my seatmate about lost their mind over how i was able to get on the plane with sharp scissors… ha.

pocket diary #001

magazine collage in A6 leuchtturm1917 notebook

began a new pocket diary tonight – i use a larger leuchtturm1917 notebook as my regular catch-all notebook that i make work notes in, journal, use as a planner/adapted bullet journal, etc. sometimes i don’t like carrying around such a large one, especially for travel, so i thought i’d give a smaller one a go as i’ll be in seattle the next few days.

it won’t be exclusively collage, but i definitely intend to do some small work in it. i try to just let myself be messy and experimental in my regular notebooks, and that applies to collage too.