outgoing: mini collage box

outgoing mixed media mailart from last week — repurposed product packaging, paper collage, washi tape, packing tape, ink, glue, postage stamps. the box has a clear panel in the front and is filled with collage material + a letter to a mailart pal.

one of the difficult things about showing mail art online is that it’s often super sensory and that gets kinda lost in a still image. here’s a short video to give you an idea of what this one is like in person – i find that clacking noise very satisfying!

i’m not actually sure if my recent postal experiments are making it to their destinations. when i lived in north carolina, i found the local postal workers very tolerant of my non-machinable mailart, but i’ve had more problems with it since moving back to minnesota. kind of interesting – there does seem to be some regional difference!

outgoing: crunky [mixed media envelope]

outgoing handmade envelope for a friend, mailed 04.24.2018

mixed media [candy packaging, map, magazine page, washi tape, sticker, stamps]

this envelope was mostly made from stuff i collected on my recent seattle trip — i always try to find different things that i can take with me + use in future projects.

for this piece, i used a free tourist map that i picked up at uwajimaya, a japanese market i last visited around 1999, and part of a paperboard candy box from some chocolate i brought home for my partner. one of the many things i love about mailart is that recycling and reusing is encouraged — it’s a neat way to give new life to things that might otherwise be discarded. [this is sometimes called ‘trashpo’ or ‘trash poetry’!]