Collage, zinemaking, mail art + graphic design from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Let's work together

Original work, commissions and licensing

You can find some original work through my shop, and select works are available as prints through INPRNT.Custom commissions are always accepted, and are a great delight. Please get in touch with some information regarding what you're looking for. I am also able to work with materials that you provide, such as personal photos or ephemera, and I love working on cover artwork for music, books and more.Many of my works are available for licensing — a great option for albums, book covers and more. Don't hesitate to reach out — we can discuss rates.I do not support NFTs and will never participate in the crypto marketplace.If there is a piece you're interested in purchasing as an original or print but don't see it in my shop, you are welcome to inquire about the availability! Most of my works can be added to the print shop on request.

Graphic design, publications + branding

Over the past 15 years, I've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients on many types of projects including marketing initatives, brand identity and more, but my passion is print — particularly publication design.I believe deeply in the power of print and of publishing your own work, be that a zine, chapbook. book or other project. I've worked on a variety of publications in my personal practice, for clients, through Twin Cities Collage Collective and for NONMACHINABLE.If you would like to work together on a design project, don't hesitate to get in touch! Please detail some information about your idea and we'll get the process rolling, including a discussion about rates.

Consulting, portfolio reviews + mentorship

I offer a variety of professional services related to the disciplines I work in, including mentorship on collage and zine projects, portfolio reviews, resume/CV review and design, social media advice, career counseling for collage artists, and more. Send me a note about what you're looking for, and we can discuss rates and design a plan to work on whatever you need!


The best way to contact me about working together is by sending an email to allisonannecollage (at) gmail (dot) com. Please include information about your request (e.g. commission, licensing, project or other service) and the scope of your project. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Zines + artist's books

Making zines + books

Zines are an important part of my creative practice -- they're a fantastic, freeing, expressive art form unto themselves. the ability to connect through self-publishing and exploring print is limitless and exciting! Various single issues or zine subscriptions of my work are available.I've made many zines with my own work and zines in collaboration with other artists including Brado, Mary Lamb and Jeremy P. Bushnell, as well as producing North Star Collage and Cut Loose for Twin Cities Collage Collective.As my creative practice has expanded over the years, I've started making artist books in a style that encompasses my handcut analog collagework, my zinemaking knowledge, and ideas I've explored over the years through mail art along with bookmaking and assemblage. I love to incorporate uncommon found & recycled materials into these projects.Occasionally, I teach zine & book workshops in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, which are announced via Instagram.

Monthly zine subscriptions

Since November 2020, i've made a new collage zine each month and sent them out around the world. these zines are by subscription only and a great way to support my creative work — for $5 or $10 USD each month, you'll receive a copy in the mail too! These zines are never reprinted and not available outside of the month they were produced.Monthly mailings include also extras such as stickers or postcards. Sign up via Patreon, BuyMeACoffee or by purchasing a pre-paid subscription. Thank you for supporting my work!

Collaborations + projects

Twin Cities Collage Collective

A project that hatched in 2017 when i found myself wishing to connect with other collage artists in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, continuing to grow in the years since. Twin Cities Collage Collective began as a series of casual meetups for collagists, then expanded as other artists got involved. These days, TCCC is comprised of a group of ten wonderful members and a thriving online community of artists around the world. We host events, supply artists with materials, and publish a variety of collage-focused print & digital projects.

Morphic Rooms

An expansive collaboration between Jeremy P. Bushnell and I centered in our shared love for collage and longstanding interest in the public domain. Together, we have developed a remixable deck of collage cards called ADDITIONS amongst other collaborative collage work, including an ongoing series of topical zines published as EXTENSION SERVICE, and a monthly broadsheet of textures & instructions called PARAMETERS. Keep up with our projects and creative work on Twitter and Instagram.


Purveyor and publisher of zines and artist’s books, founded in 2022 with Jeremy P. Bushnell. Through NONMACHINABLE, we publish, promote and disseminate collage, asemic writing, visual poetry, abstract comics and other optically interesting publications, with a focus on work made by trans people, queers, artists of color, and women. Browse the catalogue at

Scissor Prism Orchestra

A collaboration combining the creative energies of myself, Kyle MT and Jeremy P. Bushnell -- a symphonic tide of delirious textures, occluded objects, fantastic architectures, fictional minerals, delicious smears, recombined urban detritus, and fragments from obsolete texts.

Design + layout

My professional career in graphic design began about fifteen years ago, but I've been interested in it since childhood in the early 1990s after discovering that I could create images and stitch together my own newsletters pretty easily. In 1996, I made my first website, and have been tinkering with making new things with various technology and tools ever since.In 2015, I went freelance-only after working as a graphic designer and project manager in the private and public sectors, including municipal government. I've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients on many types of projects including marketing initatives, brand identity and more, but my passion is print — particularly publication design.I believe deeply in the power of print and of publishing your own work, be that a zine, chapbook. book or other project. I've worked on a variety of publications in my personal practice, for clients, through Twin Cities Collage Collective and for NONMACHINABLE. If you have an idea for a publication of your own and would like to work together, don't hesitate to get in touch!These days, I'm most focused on designing for print publications, but I've done a bit of everything over the years. If you're looking for a reliable and experienced graphic designer & project manager with loads of knowledge about print production and various vendors, drop me a line at allisonannecollage (at) gmail (dot) com!

Mail art

Mail art has been a transformative part of my creative life for more than a decade. Getting involved with this ever-unfolding, shifting movement changed my perception of what art is and the ways it can provide further avenues for interactivity, community and connection. Mail art is a playground for a creative exchange of ideas and techniques with other artists around the world, and I've been involved with the International Union of Mail-Artists since 2013.Creating and exchanging mail art is a participatory dialogue that is visual, tactile, inherently collaborative, constantly poking at the narrow divide between what's two-dimensional and what can be considered an object -- it's an opportunity to rethink how art can be shared and valued, reframes and pushes against capitalist ideas of 'value' and explores different avenues of exchange.I've co-organized several mail art activities with Twin Cities Collage Collective, the most recent being Forever in the Present Tense, a three-part mail art show across two Ramsey County libraries including more than 400 pieces of art. I've also done some writing about mail art for some self-published zines and a paper published in zine format for the DIY Methods 2022 conference with Jeremy P. Bushnell (as Morphic Rooms).If you're interested in corresponding or exchanging mail art, you can reach me at allison anne, PO Box 23193, Minneapolis, MN 55423 USA.

About the artist

allison anne (pronouns: they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (unceded Očhéthi Šakówiŋ land) with their two cats. allison works in a variety of mediums including collage, zinemaking, publishing and graphic design. The core of their practice is handcut paper collage -- a constantly evolving exploration of experience and emotion through the reconstitution and rearranging of various printed media and ephemera. By recontexualizing images and materials, allison seeks to create complex textural, intuitive abstractions and configurations which prioritize that which is found, discarded and left behind, exploring the intersections and interactions between context, materiality and creativity.In addition to paper collage, allison is an avid mail artist, zinemaker, publisher and graphic designer. Their professional background includes design work a wide range and variety of contexts, including municipalities, nonprofits, arts organizations, small businesses, independent artists and the private sector. allison's background in cultural studies and gender studies (University of Minnesota, 2009) informs their interest in working on projects that are expansive and inclusive of many perspectives, particularly ones that center around queer & trans experiences.Work by allison has been shown at a variety of locations including Gamut Gallery (Minneapolis, MN, USA) and Vayo Collage Gallery (Rochester, NY, USA), and is in the collections of the Scandinavian Collage Museum (Berkåk, Norway) and the Minnesota Museum of American Art (St. Paul, MN, USA) as part of the MPLSART 2020 Sketchbook Project.allison is a founding member of Twin Cities Collage Collective, a member of the International Union of Mail-Artists and part of the collaborative projects Morphic Rooms and Scissor Prism 2022, allison cofounded NONMACHINABLE, a distributor and small publisher, with artist Jeremy P. Bushnell. NONMACHINABLE publishes, distributes and uplifts optically interesting zines and artist publications featuring collage, visual poetry, abstract comics, stamp art, mail art, asemic writing, and other optically interesting material with a focus on work made by trans people, queers, artists of color, and women.CV available upon request

Published work

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In print

North Star Collage #2
Twin Cities Collage Collective, August 2022
CBA vol 56|57: UNCOMICS
C’est Bon Anthology, Summer 2022
KIF22 Exhibition Catalogue
Kunst im Fluss, Summer 2022
Postcard book
Polaroids Collage Club, June 2022
Three collages and cover art
The Honeyguide, June 2022
Queer Ecologies: inclosures i-iii
as Morphic Rooms (with Jeremy P. Bushnell)
You Are Here (The Journal of Creative Geography), April 2022
The Deck of Everything and Nothing
Vayo Collage Gallery, May 2022
Five collages
Wrongdoing Magazine, Spring 2022
Limited Edition Postcard
as Morphic Rooms (with Jeremy P. Bushnell)
Inkiii, April 2022
Limited Edition Gameday Poster
Minnesota Whitecaps, February 2022
Echoes of Yesterday
Photo Trouvée Magazine, December 2021
Artful Memories
Jane Chipp and Jack Ravi, December 2021
Cults of life #10
Sutta Press, September 2021
Transitional Moments
Arizona Collage Collective, 2021
North Star Collage #1
Twin Cities Collage Collective, August 2021
Rag Mag Revival no. 2
The Black Hat Press, 2021
The Moving House Edition | vol. 26
All of My Mistakes, 2021
MPLSART Sketchbook Project Book
Allegory Ridge #1
November 2017


arbuscules i-iv
as Morphic Rooms (with Jeremy P. Bushnell)
Sleepingfish (Calamari Archive, Ink), May 2022
Two collages
Rabble Review, no. 1, September 2021
Cover art
Split Lip, May 2021
Collage Kit: Rosy Maple Moth
Nearness Project, February 2021
Brooklyn Review Issue 36, February 2021
Artist Spotlight no. 22
Digging Through the Fat, November 2019
Nine collages
Empty Mirror, May 2019


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